Our Patents

We own multiple patents for innovative automotive products. Product quality is vouched by our customers. We have quality certifications issued by globally recognised certification bodies

Power System of Vehicle

Application No: 561/MUM/2004

Rotor for Magneto

Application No: 1273/MUM/2004

An Improved Ignition Coil

Application No: 3796/MUM/2014

An Energy Source

Application No: 1184/MUM/2006

A Solar Ultra-Capacitor Lamp

Application No: 201721016979

Instruments Used In Vehicle

Application No: 1185/MUM/2006

An Audio System For a Vehicle

Application No: 900/MUM/2005

Noise Suppressor Spark Plug Cap

Application No: 279/MUM/2009

A Switch For Detecting Side Stand Position Of A Vehicle

Application No: 2662/MUM/2013

Grommet Seals At Both End Of The Spark Plug Suppressor Cap

Application No: 2749/MUM/2015

Coining Type Cup With Laser Welded Flywheel Magneto

Application No: 2752/MUM/2015

Heat Sink By Extrusion For Regulator Rectifier

Application No: 2748/MUM/2015

A Novel Ignition Coil Assembly For A Two Wheeler Vehicle Engine

Application No: 201921003989

A Housing Assembly For A Temperature Sensing Device

Application No: 201921003990

Laser Based Process for Joining Of Taper Bush And Rotor Cup Of A Two Wheeler And Three Wheeler Flywheel Magneto

Application No: 2389/MUM/2011